wedding matera


Wedding in Matera in the Sassi.


wedding matera


Wedding in Matera at La Corte dei Pastori

Your wedding in Matera on a dream landscape.


La Corte dei Pastori is a wonderful location to get married.


It is a b & b with various terraces and panoramic points that will make the couple’s most beautiful day fantastic.



The b & b la Corte dei Pastori is located in an exceptional rock context.


Embedded in the rock of the Church of Madonna de Idris, it overlooks an unparalleled panorama.


Beautiful are the views of Piazza San Pietro Caveoso, and the Canyon of the Murgia of Matera.


The terrace on Piazza Caveoso is something incredible.


To be seen both day and night, it invites the newlyweds to future serenity and happiness.


The Sasso Caveoso Church, then, is located next to the residence and also allows you to enjoy an ideal landscape for photographs to remember.


Mimmo and Tiziana

Furthermore, the welcome of Mimmo and Tiziana is very familiar and allows future spouses to feel at ease right away.


As soon as you arrive at the hotel you will be greeted with the tenderness and availability of 2 parents.


The wedding in Matera will make the day even more exciting.


Breakfast or Aperitif

The young spouses can decide whether to choose to have an aperitif or a typical breakfast with the dedicated service.


And they will be able to take the many photographs, letting themselves be inspired by the panorama of the Sassi.


The bed & breakfast has very spacious rooms where both the bride and groom can make themselves comfortable.


Up to now there have been many spouses who have chosen to dedicate a part of the wedding in this splendid location.


The charm of the Sassi, with the romantic views that the b & b offers, will remain indelible forever.


Guided tours for newlyweds

For the occasion, the spouses can also choose to take a small photographic guided tour.


A short tour to let yourself be photographed in the most hidden corners of the Sassi districts, full of charm and grace.


Contacts for the wedding in Matera

If you have decided to get married in Matera and experience the magic offered by La Corte dei Pastori, call Tiziana or Mimmo.


Book a tour of the structure and you will get an idea of ​​how you can exploit all the potential of the magnificent Sassi residence.


Book a free tour to the Corte dei Pastori:


Call Tiziana!


Or send a message:





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