The large Panorama room offers visitors more space and space.


In addition to the possibility of using the kitchen.



Landscape large room Panorama

The Panorama Room overlooks a wonderful view of the Sassi and the Matera Cathedral.


It has all the services: free wi-fi, climate, and private bathroom.


It is also the most spacious room among the rooms of the Corte dei Pastori and can accommodate up to 6 people.



The Panorama room offers ample space for families or larger groups.


There are so many beds available for travelers visiting Matera.


In the panorama room you will find a large living room with an extendable table and functional chairs for 6 people.


And, besides there is a kitchen and a private bathroom inside.


It remains the ideal choice for couples who need more space, for families with more children, or groups of friends.



The terrace is really exceptional.


Offers panoramic views of the Sassi and the possibility of having breakfast with this enchanting scenery.


You can bask in the sun on summer days even just enjoying a crazy show in front of your eyes.


The Sassi of Matera from this perspective are amazing.



Created in a cave dug into the tufa, the Panorama room is able to give life to the experience of the past in the houses of the Sassi.


When the mothers lived in these cavities in close contact with the stone.



Among the furnishings are present:

  • kitchen,
  • fridge bar,
  • table and chairs for many guests,
  • double bed,
  • sofa bed,
  • puff bed,
  • large wardrobe and comfortable shelves,
  • bathroom in the room,
  • free wi-fi,
  • satellite TV.

The furnishings are chosen by Mimmo and Tiziana.


Elegant and practical accessories that enrich the largest room of the b & b.


Double bed

The double bed with memory mattress to ensure a healthy daily rest.



The master bedroom ensures relaxation and absolute privacy for your moments to remember.


You will have the opportunity to use the terrace in front for exclusive use.



Daily cleaning

The Corte dei Pastori is concerned with offering the daily cleaning of the rooms, to always give you the best every day.


  • Photo gallery of the Panorama large room:



Free request of the Panorama room

The room can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests.